A Guide to Hire the Right Game Developer for Your Next Project

Unlike many technologies today, games do not discriminate against any generation. They bring joy to people of all ages, genders, and demographics. Recruit high-performing development teams managed by Trio’s engineering managers. Photon is a networking engine & multiplayer platform that is self-contained. It is cross-platform compatible, as well as fast, dependable, and expandable. Indies, professional studios, and AAA productions all employ Photon.

It’s no wonder that Unity is the most popular game engine! So, hire game developers from us to bring your game vision to life. Our game devs have years of experience developing 2D and 3D games using Unity. Whatever type of gaming industry veteran you are currently looking for, we can help you find them fast.

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My name is Alex, I am a 2D programmer, artist and musician. If you want me to make games from scratch, I’ll be glad to start a project with you! For further information, please hire game developer send me a PM or contact me via email at… I’m a professional Game Developer/Programmer for GameMaker Studio 2 or 2.3 and GameMaker Studio 1.4 with the experience of 10+ years.

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I am a skilled Angular Front-End developer with over 6 years of experience in commercial development. My expertise lies in using Angular, HTML/CSS, Typescript, and Javascript to build engaging web applications. In addition to my commercial experience, I have some non-commercial experience using Python as a Back-End https://globalcloudteam.com/ language. I am well-versed in using popular frameworks such as NgRx, RxJS, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, and Angular Material, as well as version control tools like Git and Jira. Throughout my career, I have worked on various projects in industries such as FinTech, e-commerce, e-learning, and gambling/betting.

Hyper Casual Game Development

Table games, tile-matching games, slots, and other browser games and independent projects employ this simple language with rapid implementation. Rapid load time, diversity, and strength are all advantages of having an excellent output that pleases the majority of the consumers. Maya is a 3D computer graphics software that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is used to create elements for interactive 3D applications , animated films, TV series, and visual effects.

game coders for hire

Riseup Labs’ in-house team of game developers leverages industry-standard tools and technology to develop top-notch Android games. Our expertise with the Android platform allows us to create a high-end gaming experience. So, hire game devs from Riseup Labs to create engaging 2D and 3D Android games for smartphones, tablets, and more. Hire game developers from Riseup Labs to expand your existing team. Our experts build games from scratch to bring your amazing idea to life. So, hire game devs to get end-to-end game development services and create 2D and 3D games of any scale.

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Each new game project requires a unique approach in terms of assembling a capable team. If you seek a game developer for hire to start or complete developing your game, there is excellent news. Game-Ace can ensure the best hiring experience and assist in finishing your project. To hire a game developer who knows the score and has time-proven expertise, you have to dedicate much effort, facing multiple challenges. However, this is the case where you should not complete this stage on your own if you are familiar with a studio that already has at hand everything you need. Another popular framework used by game developers to create enticing mobile applications is Panda3D.

game coders for hire

Choose Outstaffing to work closely with the providers until the end of the project. Onboard extra talent to your team through IT Staff Augmentation; find the right fit. Riseup Labs is a national award-winning Software Development Company. Our creative and innovative works have been featured in multiple local and global newspapers, magazines, TV channels, and other popular platforms!

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We’ll provide the resumes of available resources with you, and you may choose whom to interview. Please provide details of your project needs so that our specialists can recommend the best possible solutions. Riseup Labs provide you effective consultation on managing your software lifecycle besides guiding in areas about attaining enhanced system performance. Like other casino games, it has 52 cards in a deck with no jokers. Get Resource Outsourcing Services to get high-quality and efficient IT support.

game coders for hire

The reason is that making video games is hard work, and no one will like to work on it for a long time unless they love what they do. Devs that love games can tackle challenges easily while making something that nobody has seen before. The third and best hiring model is to hire game devs from a nearshore development company.


Whether you are making your first game or your hundredth, the game development process can be a tiring, exhilarating, predictable, and chaotic experience. Software engineers, content creators, and game designers come together to create something that is truly enjoyable. It’s also worth mentioning that many modern games use a mix of technologies. Some games leverage popular game engines, and others write their own custom game engines from scratch. Far Cry used the Dunia game engine, which was created alongside the game itself.

  • Hire remote game developers to future-proof your gaming architecture for use with emerging technologies like VR, Blockchain, AI, and more.
  • A good way to vet game developers is by requesting to see a portfolio of previous games they have worked on and/or contributed to.
  • Our hiring practices provide businesses with exposure to diverse talent.
  • So, hire game devs from Riseup Labs to create engaging 2D and 3D Android games for smartphones, tablets, and more.
  • While the web games industry is not as important now as prior to the mobile games era, there is still a lot of potential in it.
  • The same applies to other game engines and programming languages too.

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